Thursday, October 19, 2006


Slowly, but surely...

The Log Cabin grows and grows. I was running out of the red and blue yarn that I had in the stash, but lucky me -- Elann just restocked both colors. So I'll keep right on going.

It's so much fun to see everybody's projects. Give yourselves a big round of applause for all your great work!



I love that, and the rug it is laying on. Can't wait to see the rest.
Keep up the great work, it looks wonderful!!
Lookin' good!
Nice to see the progress. I'm hoping to tackle the log cabin this winter, so it's good to see someone else doing the same. Keep up the good work!
I love it! But tell me, what's your trick for the zillions of ends? I know about the "w" weaving in but there are always little pieces sticking out in my work and never in anyone else's (that I see). Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the lovely compliments, everyone! :)

I have no secret for weaving in ends, really, except this: I tend to weave them in along the ends of the strips because they're shorter. They seem to blend in just fine, and the weaving takes less time that way.

I also stop every now and then to weave in ends so I'm not always fussing with them when I start new colors. (It also spreads out the chore, instead of making it something to dread later.) I'll post a photo of the back of the Log Cabin the next time I weave in a bunch of ends.
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