Sunday, October 22, 2006


This is my first hexagonal washcloth - I started it earlier but it was my first DPN project so I put it down - last week, I frogged that & started from scratch again & it went by pretty well. I put markers for each section & I think that lessons the intimidation factor of the pattern - you know immediately if you messed up. It's made from Sugar n' Creme in I believe Midnight Magic I found at Meijer.

For people who've made these - how did you attach the crochet hook? My cast-on is not at a bobble, it's in the middle of a section and I feel like the hook should be on a bobble.

- Kate

To make a crocheted hanging loop, attach yarn behind a bobble, crochet a chain as long as you want, then attach the end of it to the same spot.

I'm experimenting with making i-cord loops instead of bobbles at each corner, negating the need for a hanging loop. I'll post about that soon.
great color choice! Congrats on finishing your first DP project!
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