Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Mitered Seaming question


I have these four "super" squares ready to be seamed into a baby blanket, but I'm unsure of what seaming technique to use. I used mattress stitch to turn the sixteen original squares into super squares, but these seams are top seams ( vvvvvvv ) to ( vvvvvvv) instead of side seams. Can anyone help? I tried to decipher what to do from the pictures in the book, but I failed. I guess I could use fake grafting, but I was hoping to do something invisible. (I did read through the "No Sew" miter entry before posting this, but those don't seem like the answer) Any ideas or URLs for help would be appreciated. Thanks!

10/25 Update: Seams complete, picture to follow once the border is done. Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions!

"Woven seam" is not strictly invisible, but is nearly so if you seam using the same color as your knitting. With so many colors, that could be annoying, but it can be done:

hi there! knitty.com has some great instructions for different seaming options under the "techniques with teresa" section-weaving is good as well as mattress-it has very clear photos, too-hope you can find one that works!
Those are beautiful. I used Mattress stitch, but there seems to be a wave of voting for the 3 needle bindoff, though I haven't tried it.
Oh wow, just gorgeous squares!! Do post about which technique you choose to use.
Stephanie--how did you use mattress stitch on those seams? I've only ever used mattress stitch on vertical seams.
I like to crochet my seems together. I am super sucky at matress stitch and its ilk. I do a quasi-single crochet, I don't pull the yarn through twice, just once and the seems are pretty neat. Nice squares!
The blanket in the book used mattress stitch for ALL the seams. I have always used it for any kind of seam (horizontal or vertical) where I could engineer a one-to-one stitch correspondence on both sides of the seam. It's easy as pie (if you like mattress stitch, and I do!). xox Kay
I had the exact same problem. People call this "edge to edge" seaming - it's invisible, and it's easy to line up the squares perfectly. I'm going crazy trying to find the website that explained it for me. Ahh, here it is:

Thanks Margaret, for the link. Kahla, I just mattressed them together in one direction first (usually the shorter way, but I don't think it matters). Then cut and start again in the other direction. Hope this helps.
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