Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Bobble Dishcloth & Barbara Walker

I'm knitting dishcloths for teacher gifts for winter break this year. Here's my first attempt:

I really enjoyed knitting the ball band washcloth, as I know many of us have. In the MDK book, it mentions Barbara Walker. I went to my local library and checked out her Mosaic Knitting book because I had read somewhere that the slip stitch knitting is what mosaic knitting was all about. Here's my first attempt at mosaic knitting -a snow flake!

After knitting this snow flake, I can tell you that mosaic knitting is slip stitching on steroids. :)

Try it, you'll like it!

Wow, Shelly! The snowflake is awesome.

And as a teacher with a teacher hubby, I can tell you I'd much rather receive a MDK dishcloth with cute soap than another COFFEE MUG. (Said with joyful gratitude for the large stock of mugs I have handy for any coffee klatch that may come our way.) Your kids' teachers are lucky.

And before everyone thinks I'm a slacker teacher doing e-mail during the school day...I'm on maternity leave.
Your snowflake is just beautiful :) I, too, took the same book out from the library...but I must say some of the mosaics looked intimidating. Now that I've seen your snowflake I have to put the mosaics on my growing knit-to-do list! Great job on your cloths. Thanks for sharing.
Happy knitting :)
So, those are just slip stitches??? That's pretty darn impressive! I'm definetly going to have to take a look at the book! :)
Great gift idea!! The mosaic snowflake is so pretty. Nice tributes to the winter coming up so soon.
That is great - I'll have to try and find that book.
I think dishcloths are a great non-clutter type gift. I try to stay away from "clutter" type gifts-- most of us have plenty of it already.
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