Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Ballbands, of course

I've had the book for awhile now, but all I've managed to make are some ballbands. I've made several of these and given them all away, everyone seems to love them. There are many more projects I want to try, and I do have some louet linen yarn waiting to beome a handtowel.
These ballbands are sugar n cream in "buttercream" and " ecru."

They look great. I am sure the the dish towels will too!
Can't help but love your ball bands :)
Those are really soothing colors. Very pretty ball bands.
Those colors look really nice! I don't know if I've ever seen the 'buttercream' before. I like it!
LOVE the color combos!
Mary Heather - I really liked that buttercream, too. I didn't find much variety of cotton yarn locally, so when we were on vacation I stopped in a Hobby Lobby and found tons of great colors! I'm sure other people thought I was nutty as I oohed and ahhed over the cotton yarn!
I am knitting a ballband in this color combo right now & I love it! It is perfectly vintage-y, like something Grandma would have passed down!
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