Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This bag can hold water

I'm a new knitter, so I really like felting. All the sins seem to get washed away in my front loader. After trying out the process a few times, I decided to take on the MD Buttonhole bag. It would be easy. And I would rock the world. Or so I thought.

Ok. I got lazy. I didn't watch the clock. I put it on "hot wash" in my front loader and walked away. I put it on a second time, and walked away. But the third time? Well, come on! I was just asking for it.

The result was my version of the Buttonhole bag. It's very tight, but still very cute. My knitting friends call it "Waterproof."

More confessions of a new knitter, and other stuff. How I Felt

I think it looks great! congrats on your first felted bag!
Your little felted bag is adorable!
I too have a front loader and have tried a couple of felting projects. With the Booga bag....I did 3 times in the washer and then about 15 minutes in a bucket with a plunger....what a good way to destress!!! But the Booga bag turned out of luck in all your knitting :)
I think it looks great! What's the measurements of it?
I like your bag! I sometimes over-felt because I like for the surface to appear as smooth as possible. My buttonhole bag took 2 tries in a top-loader.
Viva the bulletproof buttonhole bag!
It is a good size, and a bulletproof bag could always come in handy. You never know.
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