Thursday, October 26, 2006


Help needed with Kimono

The back of my kimono looks good, but when I started to decrease at the wrist on the front it does not match up that well. In binding off it looks like steps and the very edge does not match up. Any suggestions? Sorry I can not add a picture.

I would also love to hear how you increased the pattern for an older baby.

I wrote about this same problem a while back, and got encouragement that those steps would disappear into the seam, and indeed they did. I also found that the increase and decrease steps looked very different, but I was still able to match them pretty well when it came time to sew them up. Good Luck!
Slipping the first stitch as you begin to increase or decrease will help make a tidier line than the "stairsteps"
Not sure what to tell you about the seams. My stepped seams matched fairly well. For the second larger sweater I cast on an extra 12 stitches (10 + 2 for a seaming edge) and increased the length by an inch. I found that the seaming edge (slip first stictch as if to purl and always knit last stitch) smoothed out the steps on the sleeves. I much prefer the slightly larger sweater as I think the baby will get more wear out of it.

Other changes I made: I skipped the ribbon ties and crochets my ties instead. I-cord takes me too long as I am a new knitter. I also place a cute button at the top to keep the top closed. Overall I was really pleased with the finished product.
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