Saturday, October 28, 2006


Seamed and Bordered (but does it need a lining?)

I got the mitered square baby blanket seamed (thanks again for the help!) and it now has a border. If it was for me, I would have chosen different colors for the border, but I wanted very cheery and fun colors since it's for a baby. There's more details (including a photo of the back seams) on my blog.

Now my question is whether or not to add a lining to the back, since it will (hopefully) get a lot of use? Has anyone else added a lining to theirs?

That's a great looking blanket. I think a flannel lining would make it nice and cozy. But I also think it looks totally finished with out one.
What a beautiful blanket! Lucky baby :) I think it looks fine without a lining, but you could add one without much difficulty. Either way, nicely done!
It's just a matter of personal preference. Adding one will add a lot more weight to it. It is beautiful! Lucky baby!
Go for it, that is if you want to. It'll just make it all that much more cozy. Either way it's finished and just beautiful!!
I've done mine without, but mostly because I don't sew. My only concern would be how it would wash/dry/shrink in comparison with the cotton yarn, since most baby blankets do get washed a lot.
PS, you are a very quick seamer. I love the whole blanket on your blog.
Beautiful! What yarn did you use?
Knitty's wildstripes,, is lined if you need a tutorial. Make sure to wash the blanket and the fabric first, to account for shrinkage.
Another ? Do I need to do that whole vinegar bath soak with Cotton Classic?

Thanks for all of your kind words. I used the cotton classic that is suggested in the book. I volunteer at a non-profit knitting shop where all proceeds go to cancer research, so I kept picking up fun colors as they caught my eye. I have more than enough left to make another one. I definitely learned a lot about my color preferences by doing this one.
I just finished a moderne baby blanket (picture in a few days), and I'm putting a light yellow flannel lining on it (or my aunt is doing the actual sewing, sweet aunt that she is) I think it'll give it a bit more structure - I plan to put yarn ties through the blanket and flannel - it'll look more country like - and it'll hide my bad weavings in and such.
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