Monday, October 30, 2006


Finally Finished...

I started this afghan in July and finished it at the end of Sept. It's actually a bright orange and white though it comes across as red. This is the first afghan I've ever knit. I didn't measure the finished dimensions, but I did do a seed stitch border, about three inches wide. I'm quite happy with how this turned out and will likely do a mitred square afghan again. This will be for my neice for Christmas!

Wow, that blanket is gorteous! Very beautiful.
It looks great, I'm sure she'll love it.
Lucky niece! That turned out great! This is really your first?
What a great gift! The afghan is just beautiful.
how cool! It's dizzying to look at. Really neat to do all the same color!
Oh my cool is that? Even cooler in orange!
I like the variation of making the stripes narrower. Well done!
Thanks y'all! Yep, really my first afghan. Certainly not my last though!
That is really beautiful, especially against the black futon.

Ok, I know am double posting ... but I REALLY love this one! I like it even better than the multi-colored mitered squares. Having just two colors makes it pop!

It is just so bold. So modern. So....


Love it!
Looks fantastic, great color choice.
Love this!!
Wonderful blanket. I love the two color combo!
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