Monday, October 30, 2006


Just Can't Get Enough

I present Modern Log Cabin Baby Blanket Number Three ~ complete and on it's way to find the baby!
And...I procured an elusive photo of Blanket Number One in the wild!

Take a peek at how cute it looks with an actual baby on it! (That's little nephew Luke).

For further irrational cuteness, you can click over to my blog.

How precious! The blankets are beautiful!
These photos just make my day! Really well done and I love how you tweaked the color combinations. xox Kay
Fabulous! Did you use cotton? Some other washable, baby-friendly yarn?
Oooooo, I love the blues. It looks great!
I would love to know what kind of yarn you used for the blankets. They are perfect!
I love the two variations! Pretty!
Thanks. I used cotton sonata for both of these. They do just fine in the washer and drier!
What beautiful blankets!! I love them!
totally irrational cuteness :)
How long did each one of these beautiful creations take you to complete?
What method did you use to stitch on the name? It looks perfect.
Each blanket took about a month of my LIMITED knitting time to complete. I embroderied the names on after the blanket was finished.

Thanks for your comments!
The blanket is inspiring. It looks like you adapted the pattern. Are you willing to explain the changes you made? Thanks
I actually stayed pretty close to the pattern (unless, of course, I misread it, which is quite possible/probable for me to do.) I did a few extra rows here and there because my gauge was tight. On the border, I did it so that there wasn't the "quilted" look that the pattern indicated.
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