Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Absorba Questions

I cast on my first Absorba today and just fininshed reading many of your posts regarding your Absorbas. I'm using 4 strands of worsted SnC in Hot Blue, size 15 Denise needles, and have just finished the center. I can't decide whether to bind off or keep the stitches 'live' and was wondering about your experiences with this pattern. If I keep the stitches live, I will avoid the appearance of the stockinette row when I pick up my stitches. I'm wondering if the 'log cabin' effect is lost at all if you don't bind off each section.

Based on some of your posts, I way over-ordered for this project ( 22 2.5 ounce skeins). Good thing I like Hot Blue! I was glad to read that this is a quick knit. My hands are not sore, but my recovering knitter's elbow is killing me. The things we do for love...

I'm keeping the stitches "live" - on spare needles. I've got a 60" addi as the "working" needle and random others are holding the non-working stitches. Next time, I'm binding off after each section. The moving needles around is driving me nuts. JMHO.
I initially bound off on mine, but didn't like the hard ridge it left, so I frogged it and kept all the stitches live. *I* liked knitting it better because picking up stitches can be hard on the hands with this weight of yarn. I used the Denise system needles, so I had several lines of live stitches. It worked out really well. Good luck!
I picked up stitches from a bound off edge. Please be careful. Although I thought I was binding off loosely, I broke the connector off one of my Denise cords. Three strands of heavy cotton can be difficult to pick up and get through, even with a big
I have done way better, if way slower, by picking up each stitch with a crochet hook, pulling each loop through and slipping it onto the needle. I work from right to left, which creates the first knit row when I work back. It may not be pure, but it's a LOT easier that managing the big heavy blanket, which by that time you both love and HATE. xxoo!!!
I made an absorba while in Buenos Aires , after visiting the yarn district where I bought a kilo of white cotton rustica for less than $8.00 (american). I kniited it wiht the rather large wooden needles I also bought there that look like weapons they are so long. It is lovely and crunchy to walk on. I wish iahd more kilos of the yarn.
Yarn by the kilo! Yarn IS a drug!
IF you keep the stitches live how do you have the placement correct to start the next section. It seems like your yarn will be on the opposite side of the piece. we tried it and put the stiches on another needle to hold them . Then we realized we needed to come back across to be in the correct placement to begin the next log section.

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