Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Log Cabin Baby Blanket in Progress

Baby blanket for a friend. All babies are special, but this pregnancy is extra special, as the mom had a stillbirth in 2005, and a miscarriage earlier this year. We met her through a neonatal death support group about a week after she lost her first son. I already had the mult-colored yarn in stash as leftovers from a previous baby sweater. Picked up the yellow and green at my LYS October sale for $3.00 each ball.

I don't normally care for acrylic, but the multi-colored is part wool, and all three yarns are SO soft! US 9's.

Your blanket will be beautiful when complete. Very bright and cheerful. Please show us a picture when it's finished!
What a sad story, this will surely cheer them up. It is beautiful
I'm sure she knows I'm making her something -- I made gifts for the other post-loss babies of our friends -- but I know she'll love it. I wish I'd realized how traditional she was going with her baby stuff, though; I would have used more "normal" colors.
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