Thursday, November 02, 2006


Oooooh, baby!

I finally finished the baby kimono/bib sets for my friend's son -- lucky for me he's a couple of days late! I do love how the kimonos turn out, but boy, do I ever hate the seaming. I used crocheted ties inside and a single large snap to hold the front closed. The little "bobble" on the front of each kimono is a separate crocheted piece that I tacked down over the spot where the snap ruffled the fabric up. Combined with the orange/pink/yellow ombre kimono I finished last month for my colleague's new baby, that's enough kimono knitting for me for awhile! :)

Hmmm... a snap! Interesting idea. I just finished a kimono, except for seaming and the closure. I was going to knit I-cord for the closure, because I decided ribbon would not hold up well. But a snap would be easier. How did you make that little crocheted bobbly thing on the front?
P.S. They look fabulous!
Thanks! :) The bobble is simple. Using maybe a size 6/G-ish hook, chain 6 and close into a loop. Single crochet into each chain (6 sc in a round) for two rounds, so you have a mini "tube" two rounds high of 6 sc. On the next round, sc in every other sc (3 sc in this round). This will pull the tube in so it's pretty narrow at the top. Break the yarn off with about 18" to spare and draw the length of yarn down through the narrow tube from top (where you ended) to bottom (where you started). Pull nice and hard but somewhat slowly and adjust the lay of the stitches as you go to form a nicely-shaped bobble/rosette/thingy. Then use the length of yarn to sew the bobble tightly to your kimono.

Those look great! What kind of snaps did you use and how did you attach them? Were they the sew-on kind?
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