Monday, November 06, 2006


Circle of fun rug

This rug was crazy fun to make. The bands aren't as tedious as you might expect, if you aren't a garter-stitch aficionado. The hardest part was figuring out complementary color combinations. I'm going with just 3 colors for the next one - one main color paired with only 2 others.

You can read my thoughts about this and some other knitting projects at Katzundyarner Bits.

I believe rugs should be machine washable so I made this in the work horse of superwash wool, Plymouth Encore. The yield does not match the original yarn so you will end up with lots extra when using 4 colors; maybe not so much using 3 colors.

It looks great! What yarn did you use and how much? I've been wanting to do one of these, but the recommended yarn was a little pricey for me, and I wasn't sure how much it would take if I substituted. Your's looks fantastic! You should be very proud!
How lovely!
That looks great; a dizzy fun rug. But I'm curious about the quilt underneath...
oh, how fun! I've been considering making one, but it looks a bit overwhelming....
this looks great! ditto on the question about how much yarn, etc. Wow! :)
You joined! About time. Now you have to post the handtowel you started while you were driving.
Wow! That is awesome! I too am curious about the beautiful quilt.
i made almost the identical circle of fun rug too! yours looks great! I used up a lot of stash completing it, my inside colors were dark reds and pink, with two dark bands. I used about three to four strands of yarn held together. my son has it in his college apartment.
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