Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Rug question

Hello all,
Do you think that absorba could work as a front door mat? and if so what shoudl she be knit out of? Would suguar and cream hold up to the abraisive red georgia dirt and frequent washings?

No doormat i have ever met has met the challange of georgia clay. So i dare Absorba to take that challenge and i would knit it from Plastic bags (seriously) and hose it down when it gets dirty.
Toooooo thick. If you wanted your door to be able to swing over it, you'd be in a world of hurt.
I'm in favor of plastic bags as well. In fact, I have a plastic bag log cabin rug that is hoping to find a new home this holiday season!
I thought of making an outdoor one with green twine or rope (thick stuff so I could one-strand it). And I'd knit or crochet a white daisy to stitch onto its corner, so it would look kind of like those plastic mats you see at the hardware store. I'll bet green grocery bags would work, too.

The only thing that's stopped me is the thought of how much my hands would dry out/hurt. I didn't have trouble with the cotton on my last one, but rope? I'm wondering if I could wear some thin gloves...
Maybe the tailgate rug all in one colour or 2 instead of absorba? Then you could wash it. But I'd use mercerized, so the colours stay bright.
I agree with Tara. I was also going to suggest you knit it out of plastic bags---much more durable and hose friendly.
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