Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Grocery bag button-hole bag

I really have Splindarella to thank for the idea for this project. I used grocery bags for the buttonhole bag pattern- very meta. I used it for the first time this weekend and am very surprised at the weight of the bag itself and the strength of it. I orignially planned to line it, but the logisitics baffled me so I let it go. I am quite thrilled with the result and plan to do more with different color bags. I think they will make good (cheap) gifts for the holidays, provided the giftees have a sense of humor!

Maybe the black and gold theme will encourage the Steelers to save their season!

I love it!! Your bag turned out great! Glad I could be an inspiration. :)
Does your grocery store use black bags? That's so much cooler than our blah beige ones. Love the bag!!
That is such a cool colour combo - our carrier bags from most of the supermarkets in the uk are all white so lucky you to have the coloured ones.

Its whimsical to knit bags from carrier bags, isn't it ... you clearly had fun :)
Oh my!! What a great idea! You are the recycling & reuse queen!
Judging by where you put the gold, it looks like you are trying to put a fire under the Steelers. Good luck with that!
Wish we had black bags here. I would try this project. Love it.
Thanks everyone! I managed to save up the black bags over a couple of months. They came from the local bodegas and small, family owned grocery stores in my boyfriend's neighborhood. I stalled on the project when I ran out of bags, so it took longer than it needed to. I figured out that one large bag makes about one round.

My grocery stores use white and yellow bags, and I have some blue bags I got from my mom, and there is a chinese restaurant that uses red (!!!) bags for delivery. The next bag-bag will make use of this varied stash!
Very clever! Thanks for the post.
What a great idea to use up all of those grocery and store bags that seem to multiply by themselves!! I'm going to start collecting and saving some of the better colors I get from now on. About how many bags to you need to make a good sized knitted bag?

Happy knitting :)
I really couldn't say how many bags it takes, sorry to report. My bag turned out bigger than I thought it would, it's about 13 or 14 inches, not including the handles. My approach is to cut up however many bags I have on hand- calamari style- and then knit until I run out. It's easy enough to add more, but it was hard for me to keep track of how many I used. A drawerful? Maybe more?
Very cool idea! Now I'll be hoarding good colored grocery bags as well.
What about using big trash bags? They are black!!! Not so recycling friendly but still...
I tried to be "eco-friendly" with this project, and only "recycled" shopping bags, although I was tempted to buy more interesting colors in greater quantities. I did use one large trash bag, but only because I found it at the very bottom of the "bag-drawer" and upon close examination, had a hole in it. It was actually more difficult than the shopping bags to knit, a little too sticky. And when I cut the handles off of the grocery bags, they all went into the plastic recycling bin!
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