Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Sail away

I started these bibs with plenty of time, but the baby came way early. Luckily, both he and mom are doing well. The bibs are knitted in Peaches and Cream. After reading comments about whether to wash or not, I opted to wash I had a little bit of bleeding with the blue, but none with the other. The only problem I encountered was difficulty in rejoining the yarn. It took just three tries to realize I had to start from the side in the middle rather than the edge. (oops) I really enjoy seeing all your work - it's so inspirational.

So glad to here baby and mom are doing well. I'm sure they'll appreciate your nice gifts.
I'm working on my first bib and made the same mistake on rejoining. I decided to 'round' the ends that button together by k2tog on the ends for two rows and then binding off. I used Peaches & Cream Lt. Denim and I'm really pleased with the color!

Thanks for posting your photos.
Beautiful Bibs. I just got the MDK book and made the bib. I used #6 needles and S&C yarn. It seems to have come out too big. Can you tell me the finished sizes of your bibs?
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