Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Cotton Yarn Stash

I am unpacking my yarns into my fiber studio.. I have been purchasing cotton yarn for months now- building my stash and then started purchasing some new colors once I got the MD book. I also started purchasing Knit Picks Crayon- pima cotton. It makes nice facecloths and washcloths for babies- soo soft (I also plan on knitting a shawl out of it-striped full of all the fun colors)... Anyways.. my mom brought me over 3 huge bags of yarn the other day.. Tons of dishcloth cotton!! all brand new- she found at a thrift store.. I can officially say for the time being that I have enough dishcloth cotton! She also brought big balls of yarn of reclaimed yarn from sweaters.. My mom unraveled them.. There is wool, chenille, ribbon yarn, and other novelty yarns all waiting to be knitted into shawls!
The basked under the telephone table is half pima cotton skiens and half sugar and cream- the long skinny skiens are fingering cotton- there are about 10 of them. The shelves contain all dishcloth cotton. I will be knitting lots of dishcloths, towels and ball band wristlets and tp covers for christmas..
I am having fun organizing my yarn stash.. Dh just brought up several more boxes of wool yarn! I need more shelves I think!
Many Blessings, Debra

Your room looks soooo fun! I'd like to just sit and admire all the fibery goodness!
You know the first couple of days of moving I couldn't knit.. but just holding a ball of yarn seemed to ease my stress a bit :-) more yarn was added today- I found all of my sock yarn, my novelty yarns and other wool lovelies!! I love winter.. rainy day knitting!!
I'm interested in the finer cotton for facecloths..Where did you get the "fingering cotton"? thanks for Knit-picks "crayon prima cotton"
info which will be my next purchase
The fingering cotton is sugar and cream. I don't think they make it anymore. From the label it was intended to make baby items looks like. I love the knit picks Crayon.. the colors are so bright and cheery.. I ordered a ton! I have made a couple of face cloths out of it. I just love the colors so much.. They will make me a lovely shawl for spring.
What a wonderful collection of colors on display. You are going to have so much enjoyment right from the yarnstore at your fingertips. Winter will zoom past. I am so glad you put your
"treasures" on view as it makes my stash of cotton seem a little less over powering. Maybe I WILL knit it all....already have 45 warshrags knit and ready for gifts made during the heat of August. There is lots of knitting fun ahead for you.
Thank you.. I do look forward to knitting through the winter. :-) I look forward to knitting lots of ball band wristbands for my 5 nieces and daughter for christmas..I know they will love them..I have several shawls I want to do this winter also..
This is me being GREEN with envy! It must be so nice to decide to start a project and have all the supplies without a trip to the LYS!
Holy Guacamole! You have a little yarn store right there in your house! I can't even find my couch that easily!

OMG. I'm so ...jealous. That is so organized. You don't have to search through bags and bins to find something. I'm in awe. Stunned... /must go clean something.
WOW! That's alot of dishcloth cotton - I feel so much better about my cotton stash now - thanks! *grin*
You had better not give out your address and be sure to keep your door locked. Some of us knitters cannot be trusted and one day you may come home to a perfectly clean house, untouched but with all your yarn missing. I am sure one of us would leave you a dishcloth or something.
I would love a room like that!
Good god...are you sure that isn't a yarn store?

Sorry, I passed out from yarn/fiber studio/organization/jealously syndrome.

I'll be okay. Just hold some cotton yarn under my nose & help me up.
Thanks, much better now.
You have a knitters paradise! Just beautiful.
i looooove how you organized the bookshelf! it's so pretty!
and that is awesome that your mom scored all that great yarn at the thrift shop! have a great weekend!
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Giggle... you all gave me a good laugh today.. you have such a way with words.. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occured while passing out while taking a peek at my studio/yarn store :-) For many years we were soooo poor.. I didn't have much a stash then.. but slowly but surely built it up over the years.. I have a huge garbage bag of handspun yarns and a large bag of felting yarns.. Not to mention a huge shelf in the closet of crochet thread.. I must say I do have great thrift stores here.. so much of my crochet thread was purchased for next to nothing.
I love my space and thankful for it.
Thanks for all the great comments..
Oh I'm a neat freak going into organizationally overloaded goodness. Thanks for the eye candy picture!!!!
I don't mean to be a lemming, but I'm jealous too =)! So pretty!
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