Friday, November 10, 2006


Blankie Finished

Finished size approximately 38" x 28". US 10's for picking up & binding off stitches. US 9's for the general knitting.

Blue = Plymouth Jelly Beenz

Green & Yellow = Sirdar something DK

Now, to get the ends woven in before the shower on Sunday morning...

Wow! You finished this so quickly! You've given me hope that maybe I could finish one before getting tired of looking at my colors.

It looks light and cuddly. I'll bet its recipient enjoys it!
Nice job!!

A tip for those ends: as you knit the blanket, take a few minutes each day to tuck in the ends... weaving for five minutes at a time won't seem so daunting! It's the only way I ever deal with ends anymore!
I wish you speedy good luck with weaving in the ends. Put in a good movie and just weave through it. The blanket looks really nice, very great baby colors.
WOW! That is just stunning!
Looks great! How many skeins of each yarn did you use?
hey, that's a great looking log cabin. very different.

Love it!
Love the colors, so cheerful. Be sure to let us know how the mom to be liked it!
That is gorgeous, love those colours.
Wow - those are some bold colors - very nice!
BTW, the mom loved it. She looked right at the camera and said, "Where's my hat? I'm going to feel very left out if you didn't knit me something". My 5-y.o. then handed her the package with the blanket. Apparently, the green in the blankie is the same green in his room. Yippee!
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