Monday, November 13, 2006


More FOs

I Finally, I have some photos of new Mason Dixon FOs to share. I am proudest of the ball-band throw rug. I used 3 strands of regular Peaches and Creme and did it in 3 strips. Also, some warshrags, too.

Your rug is a wonderful success. Where will you use it? I also am very impressed with the warshrag -first one in the second row. What a marvelous color patterning.
wonderful FOs I love the first one in the second row, how did you make it on the angle like that. So creative.
The rug is going in my guest bathroom. I was copying a warshrag I saw on the MD blog quite a while ago. Ann and Kay never had a pattern for them so I just experimented. I did end up with some gaps when I changed yarn.
Love all your happy colors. Are you in Hawaii? I know a Teja, and it seems like such an unusual name!
I love the rug and dishcloths! I really like the same cloth that everyone else has pointed out! :) good job...I'm going to have to give that a shot!
your ball bands are beautiful!
Love the rug, how many stitches did you cast on for the ballbands?
Great job on all the FOs, I love all the colorful cloths.
nice job!
O.K. I used three strands of Peaches and Creme and cast on 33 stitches. Then I did 9 repeats of the pattern. I used size 13 needles. Hope that helps.
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