Sunday, November 12, 2006


Addicted to MD Washcloths

I have caught the washcloth bug. Granted the ballband one didn't excite me (treason I know), but I can't stop making the Mason-Dixon washcloths. Here are the seven I have made so far. The conundrum is that I don't like using dishcloths even though I can't stop knitting them. I figure I will either make enough for a lap blanket or gift them for the upcoming holidays. The question now is how many can I make before I get tired of the pattern?

Oh, you may have noticed that I have neglected to weave in the ends. The reason? I always have another dishcloth on the needles before I am even aware of the need to weave in the ends! Can't stop...must knit MD dishcloths...

Keep on exploring color. It is so much fun to discover the emotions color evokes even in small projects. You can apply this color knowledge to additional projects...where to place multi colors yarns to best effect, what colors to keep in small amounts, what colors you might enjoy making into a sweater-blanket-hat.Your obsession is a very helpful thing.
I use my favorite red MD dishcloth as a pad under a plant, rather doily-esque.) I have trouble with warshcloths getting, er, musty in my climate (northwest Washington, land of the rains, and perhaps I need to do laundry more often, but i digress) so when my red one turned out so well I accessorized with it.
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