Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Heirlooms Meet

A few years ago when I had just started knitting, my mother gave me some black tapestry yarn that had been my grandmother's and said, "Maybe you can use this someday." (Each hank cost my grandmother $.25.) I kept thinking maybe pillows for our bed but no patterns came to mind until I read the Mason Dixon book. Three pillows were born! Two are obvious - the log cabin and the big dotty. The triangles were inspired by the Woollythoughts web site (p. 67 in the book). Now they sit on our bed between a quilt that hangs on the wall (yes, it really is that crooked for some reason unknown to me!) made by my great-grandmother and a quilt that is at the foot of our bed made by our daughter.

How wonderful it all looks together. So special....
Lovely pillows and the whole setting looks nice.
What a lovely way to use your grandmother's yarn. I love the idea of hierloom yarn passed through generations. That's such a nice story and such a nice room!
The gathering of generations is beautiful!!!!
Hey, that great looking room looks just like my bedroom!
I absolutely love those pillows. The colors look great together and everything just looks perfect! I would love to make some pillows that look as good as yours!
I don't know whether you are already a member of the Woolly Thoughts group.

If not, come and join us.

Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/woollythoughts/
Wow - those pillow are fantastic! The pillows & quilts look great together.
Ohhhhh! You are brilliant. Also lucky.
Especially love the piano bench cover cum pillow as that is on my list. Beautiful!
Wow! I had just decided to make a pillow using a Mason Dixon pattern idea last night. I would love some more info about how you did the pillows. (Especially the woolly thoughts-like one.) My email is zutano01@hotmail.com if you have the time.
I love the color combos. It all looks so nice and pretty and crisp!! Perfect for any season!
I've always been a pillow nut, I love those!!!
wonderful work!
What a lovely room!!!

Should a bunch of us get together and start a "Knits for Home" DIY show? :-)
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