Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Baby banket suggestions?

I want to make a baby blanket for my SIL's new baby. I have an idea of a red background, a black and white intarsia puppy with a black and white checkered border. Could I use sugar and cream or peaches and cream to do this? I am concerned about the yarn fading and feeling rough after washing. Any thoughts? Any ideas for other yarns?

Sugar 'N Cream usually softens with washing. It does tend to fade over time, but I think it would still make a great baby blanket.
i'd be a bit concerned about the red bleeding onto the white-maybe it would need a test wash first? i know it's a pain but not as much as having your beautiful handmade blanket ruined :(
The Sugar and Cream does get softer with washing but it also loses a lot of color and shrinks! I have washcloths that were pretty square and post-washing became rectangular. I've been disappointed with the fading too.
I wouldn't use s'nc for intarsia, because it does tend to change shape. Sometimes the design can get pulled way out of wack, especially with repeated washings. With baby blankies you know they tend to need washing alot.There are tons of other options out there as far as yarn goes. I really and truly do like a brand called simply soft by caron yarn. It's acrylic, but it is so soft and great to work with. Plus it afordable.
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Another good workhorse yarn that would work better for an intarsia design is Plymouth Encore - It would be a little pricier, but over the long run, I think you would be happier with the finished heirloom in making.

Happy knitting!
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