Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Too-Pretty-To-Use Warshrag

This is my first warshrag. I love, love, love the ballband pattern!
And boy, is it pretty, if I do say so myself. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally got it.

I used Lily Sugar N Cream cotton, in Sunshine and Hot Pink. I am thinking of expanding this out a bit, and making it 3 times longer, to make a matching hand towel for my sister. I think she'd appreciate it, and the colors. HOT!

Has anyone used something like wool or other types of yarns to make something with this pattern? I would imagine this would make a beautiful scarf, in a nice wool. Any ideas or success stories?

I saw someone post here once about a sweater that they saw in the ball band pattern and Kay left a comment about not being able to wear it because the urge to mop up spills with her body would be to great!! It was absolutely hilarious if you ask me.
My advice to you is to take time to look thru all the amazing entries saved on the KAL month's(What is Past is Prologue) as there were many appilcations of the design.You can then admire all the work of other knitters who have loved the design too and then create your own "masterpiece".
I LOVE your ballband---the colors are great! I'm on my third one at the moment---I seem to be addicted to making them!
Your warshrag is beautiful! What is the finished size of it. I am going to use Sugar and cream yarn. I CO 45 but it looks like it's going to be too big.
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