Monday, November 20, 2006


Baby days

I have so much enjoyed seeing the baby sweaters, but I had no excuse to knit one. Until now. My cousin gave birth to a little girl and I wasted no time in breaking out the sticks. It took just a weekend of intense but broken knitting. I added a crochet pico edge. I loved the pattern, although next time I would add an inch. There is pattern info about the matching hat and booties on my blog,

That's a lovely baby set! I especially like your use of 2 different colours, and the embellishments. Your cousin should certainly be happy to receive it!
That is by far the cutest little baby kimono that I've ever seen! Nice job!
what a creative interpretation of the MDK kimono! i'm so impressed!
keep knittin' on!
The colors and buttons and matching hat: Wow!
What a nice set. I love the crochet edge.
So, so so cute!!
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You handled your design well as the knitting "Slight of Hand" is not obvious.It is always a guessing game when you make your first item-Kimono-as to how much yarn a section will take. The ombres have less yardage than the solids. I am working on a SnC kimono, 1st 4 garter rows(back) were solid-the rest of the body and arms were ombre. On the front I worked from both ends of the ball and stopped the color for both sides together The ombre made it to the last 4 garter rows (both front sections)..whew! Then I added the solid so there was a true match up.Yarn used-2 ombre, part of 1 solid. Next Kimono I make with ombre I will make sure to have 3 balls at hand.
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