Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm New!!

Hi! I am Sarah! I have been reading this blog for along time but just recently joined. I love this book! I have been making a lot of the patterns from the book, but have not taken many pictures. This is one of the only pictures I took. It is two out of four ballband dishcloths. I took this a few weeks ago, so I have finished the set already. The colors are Yellow and Playtime Sugar and Creme. You can find me at my blog,!

Hi Sara:

welcome! I'm very new myself... I like your ballbands and your blog!

Visit me at if you'd like :-)


Cool! Those are fun colors!
I have just been sucked into the Ballband obsession myself! Aren't they fun - so many fun colors!
I just stopped by your blog & you, Sara, are freak'in adorable!!! I love that you are knitting like a crazy girl. Way to go. Your color combo is lovely and has a very vintage-y look. Keep on knitting!
I love your ballbands! Watch out as they are so addictive. I know they are my favorite :)
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