Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hi everyone, it's sure been awhile since I've actually posted something that I've made on the KAL. I really have thoroughly been enjoying browsing at eveyone's fo's. It's also so nice to leave comments, and to read comments left by everyone. Chit chating on here is fun. I wasn't sure if I would post this little ornament here or not, but then I decided I would. I usually end up knitting some ornaments at Christmas time, but this will be the only one this year. I gotta do a little red and green knitting every holiday season, it's just like having a white Christmas to me. Well, this ornament is inspired and done in the court house steps technique. I posted a couple in progress picture's too. I didn't bother weaving in the ends because the ornament is folded in half, which makes it two sided(the other side looks almost the same as the one you see). Happy Holiday knitting to you all!

Love it! That is such a great way to create a momento for the year of "enchantment", knitting ideas from MDK.
That is such a good idea! I love it.
What a fantastic idea!
Adorable! What a great idea!
Very creative...and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)
So great! Did Kay and Ann see what they have inspired?
very nice-would love more details on how you did it.
As for the details: I used size 2 needles, followed courthouse steps pattern pg. 74. for center patch I co 10 w/red, worked 5 ridges. Then each strip on chart would be worked using red and green but only 3 ridges in each strip. You'll get 8 red steps, 8 green steps making a tree. Use red and knit a 9 ridge strip on each end. For lights on the tree I did buttons. Thats how I secured the center of the ornament together. Because when you fold it in half then you can make the border by just picking up stitches in the log cabin style around the edge. Make an I-cord loop for the hanger-easy as 1-2-3, you're done! Hope that helps. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Happy Holidays!
Thanks, Danielle - it really is cute.
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