Thursday, December 07, 2006


Christmas ballband......or not?

Happy Holidays everyone! I made this ballband for Christmas, but I'm beginning to think it looks a lot more like a good Valentine's Day color. The pink in it just makes me think of V-Day. What do you think?

My blog---stop by and say hi! :)

I'm Sandra,
from Oceania ,
and I'm 15 y.o

Hi, All
I've studied English sinse this Spring .
It's very difficult for Me! Really hard!
I want like to meet boys and practisice My English with them.

The colors make me think of an candy cane, but I can see your point about V-Day too. :)
It's wonderful! Very pretty!

Why not just have it as a winterseason ballband? A December through February ballband?

It's too pretty to put away after just one holiday!
Makes me think of a candy cane
It looks like peppermint candy to me...or chimney bricks. I love it and the bonus is that you can use it all year long!

Happy knitting :)
Really, it could be used now and at Valentine's. Merry Christmas! Happy Knitting Year!
I love yours! I think it is adorable. If it goes for Christmas and Valentine's Day, it can go all through the winter. How cute!!
I agree with everyone else, it just looks yummy to me! Btw, your blog is super!

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Thanks, everyone! I guess you all think it looks more "Christmas-y" than I do! Thanks for the blog compliment, Danielle! I love when knitters come to visit!

Happy, happy holidays to all! (even the spammers who posted comments....well, maybe except the "men's health" one...LOL!
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