Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm new around here

Hi there,

I am a new participant! Actually I already finished something from the book, the Mitered Square Blanket. You can see pictures on my blog:

There are many other things I hope to make out of the book, though, so hopefully I'll be back again soon!


You're funny, and the blanket is gorgeous!
I like the blanket's colors. It looks really nice. Way to miter. Congrats on a beautiful job!
I love the blanket and the colors. After making the Log Cabin, I have in mind to do this one and wondering if all the sewing up would drive ME over the edge. But the result are so pretty. Great job. I just love this book and have read it through at least three times. Aside from the wonderful patterns, it's a great read and it makes me smile.
The blanket is beautiful, and they say contrast is good for babies' eye development, so they should all thank you!!!!
I love the colors. The baby is adorable
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