Sunday, December 10, 2006


Any tried cotton chenille for bib?

I need a quick baby item and have been waiting for the opportunity to get creative with the bib. Has anyone tried cotton chenille? Despite the care instructions on the label, I have had good luck machine washing/drying Crystal Palace's Cotton Chenille, and have lots of it in my stash.

I think that would look great!
I'm sure it will be fine, and super soft.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained... Go for it!
It would be really soft. I wonder how well Chenille will hold up after REPEATED washings. It will probably get washed a lot more than most items would be. But try it, especially if you are just using up your stash. Why not?
It will be fine (very durable), and super gifty. Remember those flower-petal washcloths from Weekend Knitting? They hold up well, and I've made a couple of Mason-Dixon Washcloths (the round one) in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, and they don't even shed that much on the first wash. Seem to tighten up a bit. Good luck. xox Kay
I've made several of the flower washcloths from Weekend Knitting and gifted them in MD felted boxes. Both have been a big hit. I have the perfect buttons in my button stash for the bib. Will post photo when finished. First, I have 2 more requests for So-simple Hats. I can't decide if a great pattern is a blessing or a curse. Thanks for all the comments.
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