Sunday, December 17, 2006


Dish cloth

Don't think I ever posted my dish cloth. Thought I would add mine to the stack. I made it over the summer. It was quick and easy! I loved making it!

Ooh, pretty! Great job.

I wonder...if we stacked up all the dishcloths we've all made since this KAL started, how tall would the stack be? Any guesses, anyone?
I'm guessing - to Jupiter
I like the color combo too
Very pretty! Ballbands are my all time favorite!

happy knitting :)
Mom and I LOOOOVVEEE the colors you used!!! Would you be so nice as to share with some really desperate pink-a-holics what the yarn was? It would be MUCH appreciated!!!
Sadly, I don't remember what kind of yarn it is. I got it at a really weird yarn shop that had a bunch of stuff I had never heard of... It was some kind of cotton. I guess you don't really have to use the peaches n cream. You can use the more expensive cottons as well. This particular one was in a $1 bin, so I couldn't pass it up! Sorry I can't help, but thanks for the compliment!
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