Friday, December 15, 2006


14 MD Washcloths!

Here are 14 fabulous MD washcloths with Christmas treats that I gifted to my classmates. As much as I was excited to make them and gift them, my hands are looking forward to a little rest from the knitting!

Wow! Great job. I'm impressed that you made so many.
Those look like really sweet little packages. And not just pretty but usable as well. What nice friend you are. Now have a little rest for your achey hands.
gosh! your hands must really be tired!
GREAT idea!
these are just great! i wish i was one of your classmates. ;)
Very cute. Nice gifts :) You've been very busy!

happy knitting ;)
Did you follow the pattern exactly? My first two attempts do not look right. Is the CO 150???
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