Tuesday, December 12, 2006


advent blanket

Hi all:

Having become obsessed with squares and blankets (thanks, Kay!... I think, anyway! hee hee), I have decided to make an Advent Blanket using some old Paton's Decor I had lying around - 20 balls of different colours. The idea is: one square per day until it's done, hopefully before 6 January (this in addition to finishing up the Nina blanket for my mother... 'tis the season!)

I am trying to do each square (10x10) in a different stitch pattern (see below):

Diagonal Garter Rib:


Reverse Parallelogram:

Shooting for 20 squares (4 x 5) which should make a mighty big blankie! Today's square is seed stitch in powder blue. Thanks again to those who helped in my last enquiry about the similar blanket I saw on Kay and Ann's blog!

Wishing you warmth, style and comfort for the holidays...


Great idea Tina!
That is ambitious - it looks gorgeous so far - good luck!
That is an undertaking--best of luck, keep up the good work!
What a glorious and meditative way to celebrate the season. Good luck!
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one square a day through the holiday season? sounds fun!
Very ambitious & looks great so far!
I want to thank you for posting that question, because I had somehow missed that blanket. I decided to go ahead & order the Barbara Walker afghan book mentioned in the blanket post.
I hope you're making good progress with your Advent blanket! Great idea.
Thanks for all of your comments. Am now up to 7 squares... ! Each one takes an hour or two.

I have requested the Barbara Walker book from the library :-) just to feed my blanky obsession...
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