Sunday, December 17, 2006


Ball Bands A Go - Go

Here's a peek at some of my ball band dishcloths......I LOVE this pattern!!! I made "matching" sets, and then paired them with matching soaps from Bath and Body Works. They are all wrapped in gift bags and ready to go!! I think they make great gifts....everyone needs soap, and everyone does dishes, right??? :) I have already given away one and the recipient was THRILLED!!! Now I need to make myself some!!!

Happy Holidays to all the Mason Dixon Gals!!!!!

Katie - those sets are too cute!! Way to go! :) I'm giving away a ton of ballbands for Christmas too. I love that pattern!!
What beautiful gifts you've created!
What beautiful gifts you've created!
That's an awesome idea! :) Love the color-coordination. I wish I had time to copy it, but so much knitting, so little time!!!
I did the same packaging (with the soaps from B&BW) for my kids' teachers. :)
I did the same for the kids teachers at school. I knit two dishcloths and paired them with lemon kitchen soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works. I think it makes a very nice gift.
It's so true, everyone does do dishes. Why not make it a little more cheery? Nice job!
Those ballbands make such nice gifts. How could anyone not want these :) Great colors...I love seeing everyone's finished cloths :)

happy knitting :)
You can send the lemon soap to me!!!
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