Saturday, December 16, 2006


Another Baby Bib

hi all! i found this bib half knit on a stich holder buried in my stash! lucky me becuase i have a classmate whose baby is due in february. i finished it up and hopefully will get a baby blanket done to go with it before the baby makes his or her arrival! i just love this pattern. so easy and so cute! it really isn't that crooked, i just took the picture on the uneven ground.

I have that color too. Aren't those greens just delicious? I think they make great unisex baby items. I'm on a bib bender right now myself. I've been modifying the pattern for fun so I don't get garter stitch burn-out. Oh, I like the bib too.
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Cute Bib.....I love that color combo!!!
I used the green for a bib and kimono. It is so pretty!
I love the color. Which color is it? I have two people that are having babies next year (one in Jan and one in April) and they will be getting some bibs.
laura m: this is sugar n'cream, key lime pie! i just love the greens! so pretty.
Lovely! Looks like it :)

happy knitting :)
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