Friday, December 22, 2006


Wonky Felted Boxes

Here's a set of Felted Boxes for my in-laws. I used Nature Wool Chunky. They felted a little wonky since the different colors felted at different rates. I did not anticipate this. Oh well. I still really like the color variation in the Nature Wool.

I've used the same yarn for felted boxes. It does felt a little 'wonky' but not in a bad way. I think your boxes look great. Nice colors.
They look wonderful - and I think such wonkiness as exists is part of the charm! I've only used Brown Sheep Bulky for boxes in different colours and ended up with a similar outcome.
I like 'em! The roughnes is attractive.
They are beautiful.
I think your boxes look great too.
I agree that they look great! The colors are also very appealing.
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