Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Are You STILL Knitting?

Yeah, me too! I'm almost done (remember my LIST). I hope everyone has their gifts sorted out and I hope that everyone enjoys their washcloths, etc. This is the year of the handmade washcloth in my house and I know in many of yours too.

I've got three more items to work on and then I can relax and knit some washcloths for myself (and maybe a few for the 2007 gift basket).

Thanks to all for your cheers and support - you've all got mine as well. This forum is so much fun and it's so nice to connect with people of similar interests all over the world! Thanks.

I'll keep you posted!


I really like the glass/yarn ornaments. What a great way to use those "leftover" pieces of special yarns.
I am afraid I'm going to be pulling an all nighter tomorrow because I really want to get my mom's cable knit purse done so I can relax most of Sat & Sunday.
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