Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello, I'm new to the KAL! This is my first post and here are my first projects from the book: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I got it for Christmas and immediately cast on the Baby Kimono for the baby of a friend that will arrive any day now. I loved the projects and I had great fun hunting for yarn in my stash. Other info about me? I'm 30, I live in Germany and I'm a teacher. We don't have Peaches and Cream yarn here but the local dishcloth cotton works ok.

Welcome to the board! Like your warshcloths...!
Nice knitting! I have yet to present pictures (because my daughter is grown and gone and I don't really understand all this new fangled computer stuff!), but have made a few bibs and a dozen or so warshcloths. Good job!
Too bad you can't get peaches and cream yarn there! Maybe you could get someone to send you some. Nice projects.
Thank you all for your comments and the welcome! I never knit much in cotton since I am mostly a sock knitter and I am currently contemplating using sock yarn for another baby kimono. I might double strand the yarn since it is thinner than the cotton yarn... I have so many leftovers from sock knitting I'd love to put to use.
I'd love to try peaches and cream yarn but I think the postage makes it quite expensive- the local yarn is ok too. I just heard about one called magic stripes- I'd love to try that one! LOL
They look great. I have used lots of different cottons leftover from other projects and they all work fine. Except for the kimono, most don't have "size" requirements, so a bit bigger or smaller doesn't really matter, and for some things I find that P&C is quite thick and softer cottons work really well. I'll bet sock yarn will be great.
Cotton is cotton. All your knitted items look wonderful.
happy knitting in 2007 :)
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