Sunday, December 31, 2006


Another Kimono Question

I've been dying for an excuse to make the heartbreakingly cute baby kimono, and now I have three excuses (two co-workers and nephew and his wife). Have any of you found the wrist on the kimono to be too small for a baby to put its hand through?
Mine is the four inches wide at the wrist like the directions say, which means folded in half it is two inches (or a little less after seaming) and it just seems really tiny to me. Are baby's hands really that small? (it's been awhile!).

It fits just fine. I didn't actually measure the sleeve but my 11 lb. granddaughter wore hers this Christmas and had no problem getting her hands in there. They are still tiny little hands! --Sally
If you doubt that a hand will go thru at the wrist, you could leave a small distance unsewn to turn back as a cuff.It looks cute.
Thanks - I like the idea about the cuff, I think that would look cute.
But if it fits an 11 lb. baby, I guess I don't have to worry.
I'm glad you asked this question. I was thinking the same thing about it being an awful small hole to cram a baby's hand thru and got discouraged and put the one I was working on aside half finished. Now that I know it should fit, I'm going to git crackin' and finish mine!
I thought maybe the sleeves would be too long... I haven't seen a newborn baby in a while, either. (and when I did, it was only for a couple of minutes and NOT mine!)

The blue kimono in the other post looks SUUUUUper cute!
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