Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Baby Kimono and Bag

I had so much fun making this baby gift I could not stop. I made the little silky bag for washing and storage. I had to order the brown Peaches and Cream as no stores locally stocked it. I am glad I waited. Brown is my favorite color - after all it is the color of chocolate.

I love the brown! What a great color combination. Lucky baby!
Pink and brown are great together!
I like it with the buttons.
Just love the personalization of your kimono. The addition of the pink stripe and buttons make it so irresistible.Just would want to hug the baby wearing that one.
I love pink and brown together as they are two of my favorite colors! Your reason for loving brown is great!
My cousin requested red and brown ballbands...so guess I'll be ordering some, too! I love the cute bag...nice work.
Pink and brown, so today! But watch out, babies are so delicious anyway that someone might really mistake he/she for a chocolate!
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