Monday, January 01, 2007


Flying Geese Blanket, Still In Progress

I posted a photo of the first couple squares that I made for this blanket way back in July or August. I have been wourking on it on and off (lately mostly off) ever since. Today I pulled it out again and decided that I really need to finish it once and for all. It is mostly made from left over yarn from finished projects. There is yarn in there from the first sweater I ever knitted, yarn from baby sweaters I made for my now 5-year-old, some of my first handspun, and many others. Most of the pieces are sewn together. I don't seem to have the skill or the patience to make the sewing up of all those garter stitch components look as neat as I would have liked. But I've decided that it looks home made, and isn't that the point? I also need to add one more small white mitered square and then knit the border. Right now, without the border, it is about 29" by 41". I am not sure how wide (or narow, that would be faster) I want the border to be. When it is all done I think it will be a wall hanging. Thay way it can be admired all year long.

It looks great. I love that you used leftover yarn and that it looks homemade. It will be a special piece with memories of all those other projects.
You did a great job. I love how the square colors work together and how the odd light color adds some surprise to the geese triangles.
That is a fab blanket - the idea of leftover yarn is great ... it will remind you always of your child growing up. Hanging it up is such a good idea.
I love your flying geese blanket. It's beautiful. Reminds me of a quilt. This will definitely be an heirloom in your family :) ( I hope!)

happy knitting :)
that is really beautiful!
Wow, that's a neat blanket. I really liked that pattern from the book, it's nice to see someone post a different pattern.
Wow, that is beautiful.
Amazing! And I think it's a great idea to use it as a wall hanging...
Great job, it looks great :)
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