Monday, January 08, 2007


Slip-sliding away?

I've completed my Absorba and I'm wondering what the other proud Absorba owners have used to keep it from being a slipping-accident-waiting-to-happen? A standard hard surface rug mat? Were there any moisture issues with that? Or did you treat it with rug backing like for latch-hook rugs? Ours will reside on bathroom grade floor tile (not the linoleum pictured).

It is currently in use and every bit as squishy-soft as the pattern claims!

Specs: I have included my ladies size 10.5 feet in the photo for scale. I used a hodge-podge of yarn...this was a stash-busting project. I used 5 strands of worsted weight cotton--2 strands Peaches & Cream cream color, 1 strand P & C white, 1 strand Sugar & Cream white, and 1 strand white-ish recycled yarn from my cotton sweater from a mass retailer I will call O.N.

I really do not have a problem with my two rugs sliding away on our tile floor. Your Absorba looks good.
Mine is on ceramic and doesn't slide much either.
If you go to Target or Walmart or whoever, you can get that spongy, foamy shelf liner in that sort of waffle pattern. (Could I be more vague?) It's the shelf liner that you put under glasses or mugs. Works great. I have the same problem in my bathroon. This will solve that problem.
What Meg said. Love the rug. Did it hurt your hands to knit it?
I, too (I neither?) have had no problem with a sliding Absorba...thing's too effin' heavy to slide (love yours, by the way).
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