Thursday, January 04, 2007


urgent query re. yardage for blankies!

Hi all:

If anyone happens to have the MDK book to hand and a couple spare minutes, I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am going to the LYS over the lunch hour today and forgot (agh!) to check required yardage/metres of yarn for these two blankets:

the Moderne
Courthouse Steps

I saw the perfect colours there yesterday and want to go back before they are snapped up. Unfortunately, they are either sold out of the MDK book or don't carry it (!)

Any help appreciated.

Addictively yours,


Hi! Here you go. These are the *total* yards/meters.

Moderne (regular size): 3,648 yds/3,344 m

Moderne (baby size): 2,100 yds/1,920 m

Courthouse steps: 2,418 yds/2,210 m

Hope this helps!
You are the best! Thank you so much :-)
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Amazon has the book. And you can get free shipping.
And there's a link on the sidebar of this page to get the book straight from the source. :)
Hi all: thanks for your comments. I do have the book, actually. However, since LYS didn't I couldn't check the yardage when going with cash burning a hole in my pocket to buy the yarn. Of course, I couldn't bear to wait until today...!!!

Yarn was duly purchased and sits gleaming at the top of my stash.

Hello all
Good site! Thanks!

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