Saturday, January 06, 2007


plan for geometric squares blanket

I wanted to share my plan for a log cabin to cover my bedspread. Pattern is courtesy of the Woolly Thoughts people at - a variation on Tilting at Windmills.

Am dying to start but am currently working on a sweater which I promised myself I would finish first. SIGH.

Here is the yarn I'm using...

... and here is the proposed design:

Please wish me luck. Counting on good blankie vibes!


Any vibes I got, I'm sending your way. You can do it!!

They is going to be so very pretty! I can't wait to see it in progress!
that will be awesome!
Can't WAIT to see this one. You must let us know how it 'works'. xox Kay
Good luck, it looks like it will be great.
Wowee! You have to post progress pics.
Since I don't believe in either good or bad luck, I will simply wish you pleasure with your knitting endeavors!
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You can have it both ways: keep the sweater for at-home knitting; the blanket project is ideal for out-and-about knitting.

Thanks for all your feedback! I will certainly post progress reports once I get somewhere. This morning I unwound ("de-skeined"?) the first 6 skeins.

Since posting this I have already made some changes to the colour scheme - one of the browns will be replaced by "imperial teal" (I like the name). As well, I have since realised that this cannot be a "log cabin".

AND I finished the sweater last night!
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