Thursday, January 04, 2007


Mistakes Become Design Element

Everytime I sit down to make the Ballband dishcloth, I make the same mistake: I keep knitting four slipping one. And since I cast on 39 stitches instead of 45 it comes out right. Then I end up tinking back and fixing my mistake. New Year's Eve I decided to just go with the mistake and see what would happen. I actually like the look of the "mistake" and it lies much flatter. I'll still continue to do the traditional cloth, but the mistake has found its way into my bag of patterns.


I like your 'mistake' it makes a nice companion cloth!
Looks wonderful!

I have managed to make a unique mistake in each of the cloths I've made, and it just made them more mine in a way.

Yours looks good and might be something I try on purpose myself!
Mistakes are never mistakes, just designs waiting to happen!
Looks like a window pane. I like your new design!

happy knitting in 2007 :)
I like it too. It is nice when mistakes become a pattern!
It works very well!

Out of curiosity... (re. jen's post): what would one call the the end result of trying to make a mistake on purpose with an original mistake? ... or do the two "mistakes" cancel one another out?

Now I'm confused. :-)
It was never a mistake. You are a designer.
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