Monday, January 08, 2007


More Log Cabin Fun

As promised...


These are log cabin panels that incorporate my grandmother's crochet work. I have only three of her crocheted squares, but I'm making the most of them. The log cabin panels might grow later on, but in the meantime I'm planning to make more of them in this size and turn them into a blanket. I don't know how to crochet, so the other center squares might just be a sampling of various knitting stitch patterns. We shall see!

That's a really neat idea!
Tey're beautiful! What a clever and creative idea.
Making more crochet bits would only involve you in learning very simple techniques and it's a good way to learn.

Many years ago I made lots of squares that were a mixture of knit and crochet. You can see some here:
What a wonderful idea!
Grandmother's are wonderful! What a great way to remember her always.
That is a great tribute to your grandmother.

I agree with Pat re. simplicity of crochet. I taught myself this summer and can do some fairly basic stuff that still looks fancy. :-)
You will be so happy to have these -
How special it is to make a project using some of your grandmother's squares. What a gift!
Thanks for all the lovely compliments!

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to visit a friend who has agreed to teach me crochet. I'm looking forward to it. :)
I love the intergenerational-ness of the project. Pull out a treasury of knitting or some other stitch book and make some small squares in knit and crochet, it will look awesome.
What a special blanket.
What a cool way to use these cherished crochet pieces. If you wanted to make some more crochet center pieces, it's really not that hard to learn crochet (or at least, I didn't find it hard). My first crochet project was a simple granny square like the on on the right in your photo. Pretty easy. Give it a try!
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