Sunday, January 07, 2007


Finished Log Cabin

It's done! Yay!

log cabin 3

I love this. It's a nice little throw, just the right size if I want to keep my lap and knees warm while I'm hanging out at home (and knitting, of course). I put a thin, one-row "cro-Kay" edging on it, à la Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Next up: another log cabin, incorporating squares that my grandmother crocheted many years ago. She sent the squares to me after I learned to knit a couple of years ago, saying, "Maybe you can do something with these." And how! Pictures to come soon.

Could you take a picture of the edge and post it? I am am looking for a way to add a border to miter square baby blanket.
It is beautiful!
Wow! Lovely!
great job!
Hi parrotheadchic:

if it's helpful, here is a link to a photo of a blanket I did with doublecrochet edging (which I'm very fond of - single works well too):
I love it! Gorgeous colors, nice size, way to go!
Oh, I love the colors and how it turned out!
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