Monday, May 08, 2006


My washrags....

I am sooo addicted. Here's the first one I finished.

I have also made one using these two colors...... (I forgot to take a pic this morning)

I went a little crazy with the washrag yarn.....

I'm currently on #3 made with the cornflower blue (back right) and the sunshine yellow (pictured just adjacent to the blue). It looks really country and cute. I think next will be brown and purple or brown and hot pink.

Everyone else's projects look great. Keep the pics coming! I really enjoy them.


mmmmmmmmm stash flashing. I wish I could find those vibrant colors. All I have see so far are the faded bland stuff. Well one orange
Okay, I am going out to DIRCTLY BUY EVERY COLOR of dishcloth cotton!!! LOL
They really are so pretty, great job!
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