Sunday, May 07, 2006


Baby Kimono

I am working the Kimono in Bernat Cotton Tots. I have had a lot of trouble working with cotton yarn. And tips would be really appreciated. I switched to metal needles with has helped a bit.
I used the crochet cast on, so the hem would match the bind off and edges. Slipped the last stitch in each row. I am doing the YO at the neck edge two stitches in. Trying to keep the edge stable. When I do this pattern again, I think I will do a YO, K2tog at the hem and at the sleeve edges. So all the edges match. Also I am going to skip the ribbon and use a snap as the closure. Maybe just tie on a bit of ribbon as trim. That is if I can rammed a snap into the thick cotton. If not I will do a button and loop.
In case you are wondering what is on the end of my needle, well the needles were my Moms, and one of them had lost the end thingy. It was an emergency so I jammed a bit of eraser on the end :-D
It is a really cute pattern, and if it were being done in wool, I would have finished it long ago. Cotton yarn is not my friend. My hats off to all you nimble dishcloth ladies ;-)

Super Cute! Working with cotton does take a bit of finesse. I find 100% cotton much easier to work on acrylic needles. The cotton slides smoothly but doesn't try to jump off the needle like it does with metal or bamboo. The acrylics are also light weight and come in cool colors. I saw a glittery set at Hobby Lobby!
Using CottonTots is a great idea. The varigated yarn is very pretty!
Lovely! The non-elastic nature of cotton takes some getting used to. Sometimes it helps to go up a needle size. I love it!
How cute - I have a friend whose daughter is having twins - a possibility for sure. The problem is I have too many things I want to knit - how to choose what to do next :D
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