Sunday, May 07, 2006


Ballband Dishcloths

I wonder what it is about this book that just makes you want to knit things that you never thought of trying? I've already made these two warshcloths and plan on making more of the projects in Mason-Dixon Knitting. These two are made from Sugar-n-Cream and Lion Kitchen cotton (black).

They came out great! I love your colors ... and may I ask where you are from? My Dad says "warsh" also! I LOVE IT :)
Very nice. I love the colors together.
My mother always said Warsh and sandwrich and she was from Michigan.
I love the colors, they came out looking great.
This book has some mad mojo, who would have thunk half the knitting world would go on a crazed warshcloth bender?
Love the warshcloths!! The colors are just great.
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